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I am Liu Zhenling, from Inner Mongolia, China's beautiful prairie. I graduated from the Changchun University of Science and Technology, majoring in teaching Chinese.

After graduation, I participated 5 months training of teaching Chinese and got the relevant certificate of Chinese teacher.

During my internship, I worked as a foreign teacher's assistant for two months, and then I worked as a teacher in a Chinese language training institution,in here I have met some foreign students from Europe and America. And also I have been familiar with the universities in the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries in the United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Japan and other countries.

I am familiar with my student ’s common mistakes, and also find some good solutions to their learning of Chinese. At present, I am studying the postgraduate courses of teaching Chinese.

I like to learn some knowledge and cultures from different countries, and I also like to teach the Chinese culture. I hope my students could learn Chinese easily and happily, and I’d like to share Chinese cultures to all of you. 




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