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Jane Zhao


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Hey, everyone, my name is Zhao Zhijuan, you can call me Jane. My hometown is in Beijing, the capital of China. I like reading, watching the movie and cooking. I am enthusiastic and patient.

After I graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University in the years of 2005, I engaged in the teaching of Chinese, until now I have more than 2,000 hours of on teaching Chinese. My students come from global, like the Korean, Japan, the United States, and Australia and so on. Another, my courses cover different levels, from the elementary level to advanced level, so no matter what your Chinese level is, we could learn together. 

Moreover, during learning, I could provide some learning materials for you, those could improve your learning interest and make you learn easily. Also, I want you to love the Chinese language and also love my country, China. 

Registration date: 2017年12月01日

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