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Hi Everyone!

My name is Emily Ko and I come from Korea.  Now I am studying in Beijing of China for my master degree. My major is “Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”. Also, at the same time I am working as a Chinese language teacher in Beijing. And I can teach the intermediate grammar, oral, HSK4,5 and 6 level.

You can learn the Chinese language with me if you have several situations as below:
you now can't speak a word of Chinese;
you feel pressure to learning Chinese;
you have already learned a period of time, and getting the progress in listening and speaking, but the grammar is not good; 

I can customize the learning method and contents according to your situation.To lay a solid foundation for your Chinese grammar, and speak Chinese as fluent as Chinese.

Now, don't hesitate,let's meet at CHATTY.


Registration date: 2017年11月13日

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