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Yukee LV.2

  • From 北京市, China

Teach  Comprehensive Chinese,Chinese Grammar,HSK Test,Chinese Culture,Travel in China

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Teacher since: 2018-07-24

Hello! Everyone, My English name is Yukee, I’m from Beijing, China, I'm a Beijing native, my Chinese name is Liuyu. I like drawing Chinese paintings, reading books and meeting new people. I also love my work-teaching Chinese as a foreign language, I would hope to share Chinese knowledge with friends from all over the world.

I can teach spoken Chinese, Chinese grammar, HSK Test, and many Chinese courses. I can communicate with you in English, I’m good at correcting pronunciation and explaining vocabulary and grammar in simple ways. I have taught students from many countries, such as America, Australia, Britain, Mexico, Korea, Philippines and so on, so welcome to learn Chinese with me.

About the learning process, first of all, we need a simple level test before starting to know your current level. In my class,you will gain professional teaching methods, relaxed language environment and effective learning fruits. Whether you are a beginners or have  the language foundation, you can all come to my class,We can learn the contents of books,or we can talk about: Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese food, Chinese medicine, health keeping, or Chinese slang and other topics. 

Ok, everyone, welcome to my class, I believe I can help you to improve your Chinese to a new level, guys, keep happy, see you on Cchatty.


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I am free from Monday to Sunday.

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Comprehensive Chinese
  • Comprehensive Chinese
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Chinese Grammar
  • Chinese Grammar
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HSK Test
  • HSK Test
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Business Chinese
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    • Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Administration Management
    • 2008 - 2017
    • Beijing China


    • China university of geosciences
    • 2012 - 2016
    学士学位 - Administration Management
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    • China university of geosciences
    • Bachelor degree
    • 2016

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    • SHSH Chinese Academy
    • Teaching Chinese practice
    • 2018
    100 hours practice courses.
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Daniel (1 个课时)
    • Comprehensive Chinese
    • 2018-09-16
    Yukee is very friendly and came very prepared to our class! She adapts the lessons to my individual needs in learning Mandarin and is very helpful. I would highly recommend her!
(1 个课时)
    • Comprehensive Chinese
    • 2018-09-20
    It was a great class, i learned a lot and for sure i am booking more classes
Daniel (1 个课时)
    • Comprehensive Chinese
    • 2018-10-07

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