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  • From 西安市, China

Teach  HSK Test,Comprehensive Chinese

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Teacher since: 2018-02-27

My name is Wang Jidan, you can call me Mary. I come from the ancient city of Xi'an China. I graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with an undergraduate diploma of teaching the Chinese language. I have been teaching Chinese for 5 years, and my online courses have accumulated over 2,500 hours.

Besides, my English is very fluent, and mandarin pronunciation is quite good, and also I can speak a little French.In my class you can learn the following:
✔ the standard Chinese pronunciation
✔ customized learning plans and learning content
✔ the HSK examination skills
✔ the latest and the most interesting things about China

Most of my students come from European and American countries, from ages 3 to 84. My Chinese courses have basic Chinese conversation, business Chinese, HSK and Chinese culture. In class, I am good at listening, patient, and well communicating with students of different personalities.

Now, my formal job is to be a psychological consultant, to communicate with different types of people every day and to listen to their inner world. My work is not busy, I have more spare time, RIGHT NOW learn Chinese with me.



✔ 标准的汉语发音
✔ 量身定制的学习计划和学习内容
✔ HSK考试技巧
✔ 关于中国最新、最有趣的事情




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I have lots of free time, so please contact me to learn Chinese online.

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Chinese for beginners
  • Comprehensive Chinese
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HSK test preparation from level 1~6
  • HSK Test
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Work Experience

    • Xi 'an lovebirds psychological consulting co. LTD.
    • Psychological consultant
    • 2016 - 2018
    • Xi'an China
    • echineselearning
    • online Chinese teacher
    • 2013 - 2015
    • Xi'an China
    • Qingdao lido culture communication co. LTD.
    • Chinese Teacher
    • 2015 - 2016
    • Qingdao China


    • Sichuan International Studies University
    • 2009 - 2013
    学士学位 - Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Diploma uploaded


    • National language organization (China)
    • 普通话一乙 (PUTONGHUA Level 5/6)
    • 2012

    Certificate uploaded
    • Test for English Majors-Band 8
    • 2013

    Certificate uploaded
Aery (1 个课时)
    • Chinese for beginners
    • 2018-03-18
    Mary is a good Chinese teacher. She specialized in teaching beginning and intermediate levels. I just had one lesson a few days ago, but she showed great concern in her student. There was much exchanges between Mary and me.

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