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Teacher since: 2017-11-08

Hello, my name is Zhou Zhili. I graduated from Shaanxi University of  Chinese medicine, majored in Chinese literature and linguistics. As a Gemini girl, I have a wide range of interests and a lot of curiosity, so anyone can talk to me happily. As a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language, I not only have a solid foundation of Chinese, but also read a lot of books and research reports on Chinese and Chinese teaching. Those help me a lot. In our class, we have many topics, I will try to teach Chinese in Chinese, so that everyone can has a natural environment for Chinese learning, get more Chinese input, that trains everyone's sense of Chinese language. If you don't understand, it doesn't matter. I can explain it in English. The Pinyin cards are used when learning Pinyin, there are initials or finals on one side and there are a syllable and a similar pronunciation of the initial or the final on another side. After you get a similar pronunciation, we will get the exact pronunciation by oral chart. In learning vocabulary and grammar, I will recommend this textbook, the advantage is that it is closer to life, then you can review and consolidate the knowledge in daily life. In learning characters, I will use this character card. On one side, it shows us a character, one the back, it shows us the pinyin of the character, the English of this character, some words which is composed by that character. you can expand the vocabulary greatly. About memorizing character, I will refer this book, it is mainly about the evolution and structure of Chinese characters.so we can memorize Chinese characters easily and interestingly. Now did you get more confidence of learning Chinese? Then contact me soon. 


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junor student, adventure student,businessmen,HSK tutoring.

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Work Experience

    • Meten international education company
    • teacher(assistant)
    • 2015 - 2017
    • Chengdu China
    Chinese teacher for foreign teacher in our company


    • 陕西中医学院 Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
    • 2006 - 2010
    学士学位 - 汉语言文学 Chinese Language and Literature
    Diploma uploaded


    • 陕西省普通话培训测试中心 Putonghua training & testing Center
    • 普通话水平测试等级证书(Putonghua level testing certificate)
    • 2007
    B+ level
    Certificate uploaded
    • 陕西中医学院 Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
    • 普通高等学校毕业证书 Diploma of University
    • 2010

    Certificate uploaded
    • 陕西中医学院 Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
    • 学位证书 Certificate of Bachelor of Arts B.A.
    • 2010

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    • 四川省高等教育自学考试委员会 Higher Education Self-culture Testing Committee
    • 四川省高等教育自学考试课程合格证书 Certificate of higher Education Self-culture Testing of Sichuan Province
    • 2011
    教育学Pedagogy 教育心理学 Philosophy of Pedagogy
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